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  • The Devotion System: Bonus Report #2 Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship
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Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship Table of Contents

1. Why Men Cheat

2. Components of a Lasting Love

3. Signs He’s Cheating

4. Ways to Prevent Cheating

When you meet “The One,” you’ll probably be the happiest you’ve ever felt . . . so the idea of losing him to someone else may also be a terrifying thought for you. The good news: there is a way to keep your man happily monogamous! By learning how to “cheat-proof” your relationship, you’ll never have to worry about him leaving you or being unfaithful. As you’ve learnt in The Devotion System, there are certain things you can do to keep your man committed. From secret ways to release oxytocin to keeping the chase alive, you now have a handful of tips and tricks that will keep him hanging by your side. However, when it comes to cheat-proofing a relationship, things get a little bit more complicated. To help you understand what you can do to make him loyal, I’ve broken this bonus book down into four sections.

Chapter 1 Why Men Cheat

Unlike what we see in the movies, cheating and infidelity can happen in any relationship – weak or strong, old or new. Perhaps what’s more surprising is that it’s not just the cunning vixens and handsome heartthrobs getting in on the action; normal people do it too! Sometimes people have affairs for love, and other times, it’s just about the sex. Regardless of the reason, the consequences of cheating are just as hurtful to all involved off-screen as they are on-screen.

The key to cheat-proofing your marriage is to understand why men cheat. While there’s no single explanation for why they choose to be unfaithful, there are some common reasons (and excuses).

To Avoid Intimacy

This reason can be confusing, especially if your man is already in an intimate relationship with you. However, psychiatrists have said that men cheat to avoid real intimacy. Some men feel that cheating on their partner prevents them from relying too heavily on (and therefore becoming “too” vulnerable to) one person, and ultimately allows them to avoid getting hurt. Ironic, right?

They Crave Intimacy

On the other end of the spectrum, some men search for intimacy outside of their relationship because they feel they are not finding it in their relationship. Since couples can drift apart over time, some men find it easier to fulfill their sexual needs and intimate desires by getting them elsewhere rather than talking with their partner about the lack of intimacy and working to reestablish it. This is a prime example of why communication is so important!

Their Libido Needs a Boost

In the beginning of a new relationship couples can’t seem to get enough of each other. However, as time passes, it’s common for things to feel more comfortable between partners, including sex. Some men cheat because they crave that newness and excitement again. Since they can’t get it from their partner, they go looking elsewhere. That said, there are ways to prevent this: Namely by keeping your relationship fresh and exciting.

They Crave Power

Again, I’m not saying this is a justifiable excuse, but some men cheat because they feel it empowers them in their relationship. As a woman this likely sounds outrageous, but studies have shown that this is how some guys defend their actions: It makes them feel manly.

They Lack Willpower

On the other hand, men aren’t always as tough or in control as you think. A common reason why many men cheat is simply because they lack the willpower to say no – a beautiful woman comes onto them, they’re excited and weak in the face of such a conquest, so they go along with it. Instead of staying faithful to their partner they give into cheating simply because the opportunity arose and they weren’t strong enough to say no.

They’ve Done It Before

Not every cheater is a repeat offender, but chances are if your man has cheated and gotten away with it before then he’ll think he can do it again. In order to break this habit it’s crucial that he understands what drove him to cheat in the first place. Who knows, he could be cheating because he only cares about himself, or because he feels you don’t value him or care about such behavior.

They Want Variety

This one is a tough truth to swallow, but some men cheat simply because they crave variety. Sure, he may love the bones of you, but since you’re just one person, you can’t possibly fulfill this kind of guy’s desires.

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