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NCLEX-RN AudioLearn - A Complete Audio Study Guide and Review for the NCLEX-RN on 113 mp3s

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  • 01-Management of Care *LISTEN for FREE !

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NCLEX-RN AudioLearn offers a complete audio review for the NCLEX-RN.

Extra boost of nursing information to listen to as the test date fastly approaches. This powerful tool helps you study for this challenging test in 3 powerful ways: You can study anytime, anywhere. On your commute to work/school, at the gym or while shopping and before you go to sleep. You will remember the key points tested on the NCLEX-RN like the lyrics to your favorite song. You will greatly increase your study time efficiency allowing you to do other things important to you.

113 mp3 files for NCLEX-RN AudioLearn covering ALL test sections:
– Safe, Effective Care Environment
– Health Promotion and Maintenance
– Psychosocial Integrity
– Physiological Integrity
– And much, much more! I. NCLEX-RN information
A. Test plan and procedures for CAT NCLEX-RN
B. Preparation 1. What kind of learner are you? a. Seven kinds of intelligences
2. How to interact with the material. a. musical b. visual c. active imagination
3. Critical thinking strategies
4. Deconstructing the question
5. Constructing your own answer
6. Eliminating wrong answers C.
How to apply for NCLEX

II. Components of the NCLEX-RN
A. Cultural Issues: review and practice questions
B. Ethics and Legal Issues: review and practice
C. Time management, priorities, assignments, delegation: review and practice
D. Safety: review and practice
E. Medication and Intravenous solutions: review and practice
F. Basic Life Support: review and practice
G. Perioperative Nursing Care: review and practice
H. Positioning Patients: review and practice
I. Patient Care with a Tube: review and practice
J. Theories of Growth and Development: review and practice
K. Maternity Issues: review and practice
L. Pediatrics: review and practice
M. Adult Health: review and practice
N. Mental Health: review and practice
O. Gerontalogical Patient: review and practice

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Kaplan NCLEX-RN AudioLearn MP3s